Hi there!

My name is Cooper. I’m five!

I like normal five-year-old things: Godzilla, superheroes, Godzilla, Pokemon, Godzilla, and running around like a crazy person.

My primary food groups are mac and cheese, french fries, ice, and air. Recently I have branched out into hamburgers with cheese.

My dad is a nerd, so I have a website.

The Latest & Greatest

Kindergarten Christmas

I am terrible at updates, clearly. But here's something worth sharing - my little hambone. He's in the back row on the left, orange shirt... but most likely he'll stand out. Sadly the video ends right before the actual end of the program...

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Uh oh…

So, the day after turning eight (months), young Cooper decided that crawling was too boring, and since he can't quite walk yet, he opted to take the stairs. We're doomed....

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hello again!

Since I've been SO good at keeping up with this blog, I think for a little while I'm just going to try to make quick posts whenever we get a particularly good photo. This won't be a photo-a-day or anything like that, but there's a backlog of stuff I should get up and...

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Had a new experience today; taking Cooper to another place and leaving him there with strangers. Not really something you can mentally prepare for. All in all, the first day of daycare came and went with very little to report. Chris and I both went to see him off, and...

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Four Months

Not a lot to post about lately, but Cooper had his four-month checkup this past week, and once again everything went swimmingly. His current notable numbers and percentiles: Weight: 16lb 6.5oz (66%) Head Circ: 16.73" (72%) Height: 26.75" (97%) Basically his weight and...

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Huh boy

First of all, I'd like to mention that I'm not a particularly emotional moviegoer. Sure, I get a little (inexplicably) misty at the end of underdog sports movies, when the rag-tag bunch of losers from the wrong side of the tracks beat those uptown snobs in...

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Cooper, like his father, is constantly surprised by camera flash.

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Babbling Boy

This is just some of Cooper's conversational babbling. Lately he does this a lot. Note: I edited out the part where he spit up all over me.

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Names I Call My Son

I expect this list (and its mere existence) speaks volumes about my parenting style. The following are nicknames that I have called Cooper, some obvious and some not so much: Coop Coopster Coopernicus Cooperman Pooper Pooperman Cooper the super pooper Wiggle Booger...

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Secret Smile

I've delayed posting this for a little while because I’ve wanted to see if there was actually anything to it, or if it was just a happy coincidence. And after a couple weeks of testing, I’m pretty pleased to find that it's a real thing. At least mostly. So the...

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Two Month Checkup

Not a whole lot to report from today, except that Cooper isn't particularly fond of getting shots. Three of them today, plus a tube of goo. But on the bright side he has flourescent bandaids on now, so he's ready to go raving. In developmental terms, he's right where...

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Ask and ye shall receive, apparently. As it just so happens, the very day I'd made my post about wanting the mustache pacifier, Cooper's Auntie Heather had seen one and thought about getting it for him, but took a pass. However, upon learning my desire, she followed...

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Six weeks!

For those checking in, it's time for a little update. Thursday was Cooper's six-week mark, and by all accounts he's doing everything he's supposed to be doing. First off, in the measurable areas, he's up to 13lb 1oz, which is right on track for the 1oz/day gain we're...

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In hat-related news

I've already expressed my absolute love for Jon Klassen's book "I Want My Hat Back." Well, he has another title out now, and it appears to continue in the same hat-related...

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A great weekend

I realize this is a somewhat belated post, but this past weekend was just tremendous, and exactly the sort of thing I should be posting about. Plus, this post has a secret. Read on. On Friday morning Cooper had a visit from my parents (henceforth known as Grandma and...

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Look out Gotham City

Some gifts are truly just for the baby. Some gifts are maybe a little bit more for the parents. And some are for both. Thanks Phillip!

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Two Weeks

Cooper's two-week anniversary of breathing air is/was today, and it made for a very strange realization. It feels like we can't possibly have had him for two weeks, and somehow at the same time it seems much longer than that. I'm guessing that's the effect of very odd...

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Week 1 Update

Technically, this post is a day late. Cooper's been with us for a week as of yesterday morning, and quite honestly everything seems to be going great. Yes, there have been some sleepless hours. While the little guy does like to sleep, and can go 3-4 hours at a...

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