Reindeer Games

Tonight we were treated to a holiday performance by the 4-year-old class of Sequoia room. The teacher Miss Darla really did a great job getting all seven reindeer excited and into the spirit.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but it was delightful. Cooper was center stage, and a complete hambone.

School Smile

School Smile

I don’t know how they do it.

When we ask Cooper to smile for a picture, we get this silly fake grin like he doesn’t understand the concept. The picture people who come to the daycare, though… they’ve got the magic touch.

And he picked the shirt himself specifically for picture day.

class photo

class photo

Something about school pictures always strikes me as oddly artificial, but they do seem to get decent shots. Plus – and I’m biased, I know – he’s awfully cute.


Apparently Cooper is not only adorable, he’s delicious as well. Chris keeps getting calls from the daycare that he’s been bitten by another baby (or babies, the biter isn’t identified). Granted, these events happen mostly when Cooper’s taken a toy (or ‘failed to share’), and he really seems pretty indifferent to it, and there’s been no breaking of skin… yet.

But man, parents. Control your kids!