Hi there!

My name is Cooper. I’m five!

I like normal five-year-old things: Godzilla, superheroes, Godzilla, Pokemon, Godzilla, and running around like a crazy person.

My primary food groups are mac and cheese, french fries, ice, and air. Recently I have branched out into hamburgers with cheese.

My dad is a nerd, so I have a website.

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Kindergarten Graduation

Apologies if there's an ad before the video; this is the price to be paid for having a copyrighted song used during the ceremony. 06:24 - Best Godzilla award 17:20 - Diploma

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Kindergarten Christmas

I am terrible at updates, clearly. But here's something worth sharing - my little hambone. He's in the back row on the left, orange shirt... but most likely he'll stand out. Sadly the video ends right before the actual end of the program...

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Reindeer Games

Tonight we were treated to a holiday performance by the 4-year-old class of Sequoia room. The teacher Miss Darla really did a great job getting all seven reindeer excited and into the spirit. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was delightful. Cooper was center...

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School Smile

I don't know how they do it. When we ask Cooper to smile for a picture, we get this silly fake grin like he doesn't understand the concept. The picture people who come to the daycare, though... they've got the magic touch. And he picked the shirt himself specifically...

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C is for Coop… er, Cookie!

Take 1: Now what starts with the letter C? Cookie starts with C And the other things start with C AAHOOW forget about the other things! C is for cookie, it’s good enough for me C is for cookie, good enough for me C is for...

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Drummer boy

No explanation required. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNicsMr1iLY

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Jumping Sharks

I feel as if I should post this, if for no other reason than posterity. This is Cooper's favorite thing. It had fallen out of favor for a while, but now it has made a roaring comeback, as have all things shark. And orca. And whale. So long as they jump....

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The boy is two years old. We had a great birthday weekend with him, and unlike last year he seemed to get the idea that the day was all about him. He really seemed to enjoy everyone singing happy birthday, so much that after he'd smashed a bit of cake - literally,...

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7KEb5oLZeQ This is obviously a very late post, but here's Cooper's first fireworks show back on July 4th. Also booger eating.

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class photo

Something about school pictures always strikes me as oddly artificial, but they do seem to get decent shots. Plus - and I'm biased, I know - he's awfully cute.

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He makes this face all the time. Sometimes it is merely cute. Sometimes it is...

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number one

I have a son. Not just a son, but a wonderful, happy, developing-incredibly-fast boy who's reached one of those inevitable milestones that's simultaneously exciting and terrifying. On September 27th, Cooper turned one. The double-sided reaction is still there: I can't...

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c is for cookie

Cooper's first sugar cookie. Trips to the grocery store just got a whole lot more appealing...

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book boy

So this might be a completely normal developmental thing - I've been cautious to not let myself make a big deal out of milestones and such that Cooper reaches, because I'm quite sure that every baby hits these at varying times, and there's very few things that are...

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This might take a bit to load, but its worth...

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Chris cross-posted this on Bookface, but I thought I'd repeat it here. Kid loves the water...

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Apparently Cooper is not only adorable, he's delicious as well. Chris keeps getting calls from the daycare that he's been bitten by another baby (or babies, the biter isn't identified). Granted, these events happen mostly when Cooper's taken a toy (or 'failed to...

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It begins!

So over the long holiday weekend, Cooper started figuring some things out. He's not yet spontaneously walking, but with a little...

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