Cooper’s two-week anniversary of breathing air is/was today, and it made for a very strange realization. It feels like we can’t possibly have had him for two weeks, and somehow at the same time it seems much longer than that.

I’m guessing that’s the effect of very odd and unpredictable sleep patterns.

Today we took Coop on his second-ever car ride to his second doctor checkup. We got to meet his pediatrician, and once again all of the news was good. All the baby parts checked out, he’s back up past his birth weight (10lb 6.5oz), and grown almost two inches.

Somewhere in the back of my head, scenes from Goo Goo Goliath came bubbling up. Man, that stork was a drunk.

Another part of the checkup was a bit of baby torture as his foot was pricked and a some blood was squeezed out for the second genetic screening test. The initial screen at the hospital came up negative (which in this case is a positive), so let’s hope this one does too. Although, apparently older dads pass on more genetic mutations to their kids, so who knows.