Ask and ye shall receive, apparently.

As it just so happens, the very day I’d made my post about wanting the mustache pacifier, Cooper’s Auntie Heather had seen one and thought about getting it for him, but took a pass. However, upon learning my desire, she followed through. It arrived on Wednesday, just in time to crack everyone up for Thanksgiving (as well as for Cooper’s 8-week anniversary).

I can barely keep a straight face when he’s wearing it, so I’ve realized I have to save this thing for special occasions. It’s powerful magic.

Thank you Heather!

We had a lovely small T-Day here with just the grandparents (both sides). Had a lot to eat and way too much dessert – and a moderate success on my first attempt at cheesecake – and a surprisingly simple cleanup. We should do this every year!

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Cue the Christmas music.