Hi there!

My name is Cooper. I’m five!

I like normal five-year-old things: Godzilla, superheroes, Godzilla, Pokemon, Godzilla, and running around like a crazy person.

My primary food groups are mac and cheese, french fries, ice, and air. Recently I have branched out into hamburgers with cheese.

My dad is a nerd, so I have a website.

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Reindeer Games

Tonight we were treated to a holiday performance by the 4-year-old class of Sequoia room. The teacher Miss Darla really did a great job getting all seven reindeer excited and into the spirit. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was delightful. Cooper was center...

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Older Posts


Apparently I should not plan when I will make posts and/or uploads, as we're both still getting used to having the little guy home. That said, here's some more photos finally! These are largely in chronological order, starting in the OR and ending in his little...

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Here we are, back home again. We actually got in yesterday afternoon, but getting (re)settled and into a semblance of schedule has taken a while. Cooper is doing great - both the dog and cat are very interested in him but so far they are keeping their distance. Coop...

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Day 2 Update

Cooper slept 6 1/2 hours last night. I'm going to go ahead and claim that if he winds up being a champ sleeper, he gets it from me. No big news to report from the second day. Coop was a little more active overall, but when he went to sleep, he really zonked out. We...

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Day 1 Update

I'm not intending on making daily posts (and doubt I could keep up, even I wanted to), but for the first day? Seems appropriate. Coper is officially 24 hours old as of seven minutes ago. So far everything's going very well. His first pediatrician visit went great,...

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Okay, wow.

This is just a very quick post to announce a little thing that happened this morning. Cooper Maxwell Camp was born via c-section at 7:42am. He weighed 10lbs 5.5oz (!) and measured 20 3/8". All news is good. Baby and mother are resting comfortably, perhaps getting in...

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Induction Day

Sounds like a holiday, doesn't it? So it's finally time to evict Chris' little body-houseguest, and since things have been a little too calm around here, we needed some last-minute drama. Chris came down with a nasty UTI on Sunday, and by Monday was pretty miserable....

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Due… and fro?

So, the due date was yesterday. Had an OB appointment today and apparently the little guy is tucked in, cozy and warm, with no plans to come out. Chris is still hoping for everything to run its natural course, but for a few different reasons we're setting a time limit...

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First babies…

Now an official truth for us. He won't be arriving early. Due date is today.

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Nursery: Stage 2

Following up, a few more nursery pics with a lot more stuff added. A bookshelf full of great stuff from our book shower, and tons of other very practical things. Most importantly, something like 300 diapers and 1,000 baby wipes. I expect those to last a full week....

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So close…

It's hard to believe that the due date is almost here. This week. Two days. The day after tomorrow. Of course, it might be tomorrow. It might be next Monday. Things we keep hearing now are "first babies are usually on time or late," and "it could be any minute!" Right...

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Week 36 Ultrasound

No photos this time - they gave us some but there's not much identifiable to see - not much room in there for the little guy at this stage, so the images are just jumbles. It makes sense to see it in motion, but as snapshots... meh. He's still trending large. 8lb 5oz...

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Nursery: Stage 1

Well, the bare bones of the nursery is complete; the cleaning, the painting, the mural, some art on the walls and the main pieces of furniture. The dog seems to like it, at least.

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Week 32 Ultrasound

This was a big event, as we had both sets of parents join us for the ultrasound this week. It was a little chaotic in the room, I think the tech was a little thrown off by the grandmothers-to-be chattering over her shoulder, and the doctor came in a chatted through...

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Week 20 Ultrasound

There's an honest-to-gosh baby in there now, just look at it! And the following quote was provided by the ultrasound tech, who was a bit devious in revealing the gender. To be honest, I deflated the surprise for myself a bit when I spied the little guy's......

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Week 11 Ultrasound

By jove, I do believe that bean is turning into a baby. Too early to tell the gender. 'Noodle' has been replaced by the term 'monkey.'

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Week 9 Ultrasound

Starting to look like something here. His/her heartbeat is so very fast. Kind of terrifying.

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Week 7 Ultrasound

Not much to say here - 7 weeks and so far so good. Looks like a bean, but since 'bean' is such an overused term for a baby, we're calling it 'the noodle.' You know, like a little gnocchi. Or an orecchietta.

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