I’m not intending on making daily posts (and doubt I could keep up, even I wanted to), but for the first day? Seems appropriate.

Coper is officially 24 hours old as of seven minutes ago. So far everything’s going very well. His first pediatrician visit went great, he’s been eating and sleeping and pooping (and pooping, and pooping) like a champ, and seems very healthy and content overall. He’s also lost about 4oz of weight, which is expected. I’m calling it poop weight.

There are some other tests and procedures coming up today, including a hearing test and an eye exam. He’s had his eyes open a lot more this morning already, and even though I know he can’t really see much yet, it sure seems like he’s looking around and scrutinizing things already. There’s also checking on his umbilical stump, another weigh-in, and some other other stuff, so we’re not out of the proverbial woods yet, but so far so good.

Chris seems to be doing great with c-section recovery, she’s already walking around (albeit slowly) and off the catheter. The nurses indicate that if she keeps on like this we’ll be sent home tomorrow.

And now his birth certificate form has been delivered, which I’m oddly excited to fill out. Enough blogging for now, back to baby business.