This was a big event, as we had both sets of parents join us for the ultrasound this week. It was a little chaotic in the room, I think the tech was a little thrown off by the grandmothers-to-be chattering over her shoulder, and the doctor came in a chatted through half of it, not letting my wife really see a whole lot.

But what does she need to see, right? It’s inside of her. She’s hogging all the real quality time.

From their estimated measurements, the baby appears to be on the large size. 5lbs 8oz, and in theory he will double in size before he’s born. That’d be an 11lb baby, for the mathetically challenged. They want us back for one more ultrasound to check up on this. Too big could be a problem.

I of course tried to assuage my wife by telling her I read where ultrasound weight estimates can be up to 1.5 – 2lbs off – he might only be 3 and a half or four pounds.

“Or he could be seven and half!” she replied.

Clearly, this was a poor tactic.