I have a son.

Not just a son, but a wonderful, happy, developing-incredibly-fast boy who’s reached one of those inevitable milestones that’s simultaneously exciting and terrifying. On September 27th, Cooper turned one.

The double-sided reaction is still there: I can’t believe he’s already a year old / I can’t believe he’s only a year old. But it’s starting to slide a bit towards the ‘already’ side, which I suppose means I’m (finally) settling in to this whole fatherhood thing.

In lieu of a big to-do, we had nice little get together for his birthday, just the grandparents and uncle David (who we have to thank for the cake photos). There were some presents – including a reunion with a former favorite daycare toy, which was a bit of a showstopper – and of course, the first cake.

If I have my math right, here’s approximately 9,000 words describing the event…