Babbling Boy

This is just some of Cooper’s conversational babbling. Lately he does this a lot.

Note: I edited out the part where he spit up all over me.

Names I Call My Son

Names I Call My Son

I expect this list (and its mere existence) speaks volumes about my parenting style. The following are nicknames that I have called Cooper, some obvious and some not so much:

  • Coop
  • Coopster
  • Coopernicus
  • Cooperman
  • Pooper
  • Pooperman
  • Cooper the super pooper
  • Wiggle
  • Booger
  • Buddy
  • Little man
  • Slugger
  • J.P. McSquishypants OR Ernest C. Squishypants

Please note that these are names I’ve used repeatedly; one-off names are not included.

Also, some pictures:

Secret Smile

A little smile... close but not quite it.

A little smile… close but not quite it.

I’ve delayed posting this for a little while because I’ve wanted to see if there was actually anything to it, or if it was just a happy coincidence. And after a couple weeks of testing, I’m pretty pleased to find that it’s a real thing. At least mostly.

So the backstory is that I’ve been given the duty of feeding Cooper a midnight bottle. Chris feeds him around nine, gets him all tucked in, and goes to bed, and then I get him up at midnight for a commando feeding and put him right back in bed, which ideally gives Chris a bigger window of sleep. And it seems to be working, he seems to be sleeping longer and longer. A few times he’s slept through the 3am feeding; hopefully soon it might be eliminated altogether.

In any case, you’ll note I called it a commando feeding, and that’s because I try to do it very tactically. I have the bottle and everything else ready to go before I even pick him up, and I try to get him from sleepy-stretchy to eating as quick as possible. It appears to work best when he doesn’t completely wake up; he sucks down the meal with his eyes half-open, and literally begins to nod off when I’m burping him.

If he’s at all awake after the bottle, I swaddle him back up and hold him for a while, and the pacifier usually finishes him off. During this time I usually have a little music going as well, and sing (horribly) to him a bit. And there’s where I got the secret smile.

The Paul Simon song ‘Born At The Right Time,’ was playing, which seemed very appropriate, and every time I sang the chorus:

Never been lonely
never been lied to
never had to scuffle in fear
nothing denied to
born at the instant
church bells chime
the whole world whispering
born at the right time

Right at the last line he’d make a little happy smile. Three choruses in the song, three smiles.

It was so sweet and ridiculously perfect I almost couldn’t believe it.

So of course I tried it again the next night. Same results, smile at the same line, although we went 2-for-3 because he was sleeping by the third chorus. I tried to not do it every single night, but nearly every time I did, I’d get at least one and usually two or three smiles. If he’s too awake or distracted, it doesn’t work, but if he’s calm and dozing off, it’s pretty regular.

And even though I’m sharing it with everyone here, I still consider it a secret smile just for me.

Two Month Checkup

Not a whole lot to report from today, except that Cooper isn’t particularly fond of getting shots. Three of them today, plus a tube of goo. But on the bright side he has flourescent bandaids on now, so he’s ready to go raving.

In developmental terms, he’s right where he’s supposed to be.

Statistics Update:
Head circumference: 16″ (88%)
Weight: 13lb 10.5oz (79%)
Height: 24.9″ (100%)

The percentiles are best explained like this: “If your 3-month-old son is in the 40th percentile for weight and the 80th for height, for instance, that means 40 percent of 3-month-old boys in the United States weigh the same as or less than your baby and 60 percent weigh more. Similarly, 80 percent of boys his age are the same length as or shorter than your child and 20 percent are longer.”

So Cooper weighs more than about 80% of other two-month boys, has a bigger head than 88% of them, and is taller/longer than 100% of them.

He is the longest two-month-old in the country. 🙂

Way to go, kiddo.



Ask and ye shall receive, apparently.

As it just so happens, the very day I’d made my post about wanting the mustache pacifier, Cooper’s Auntie Heather had seen one and thought about getting it for him, but took a pass. However, upon learning my desire, she followed through. It arrived on Wednesday, just in time to crack everyone up for Thanksgiving (as well as for Cooper’s 8-week anniversary).

I can barely keep a straight face when he’s wearing it, so I’ve realized I have to save this thing for special occasions. It’s powerful magic.

Thank you Heather!

We had a lovely small T-Day here with just the grandparents (both sides). Had a lot to eat and way too much dessert – and a moderate success on my first attempt at cheesecake – and a surprisingly simple cleanup. We should do this every year!

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Cue the Christmas music.

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