I find myself in the odd position of being someone who works with websites for a living, builds blogs for other people, but who has never had any interest in running one of my own.

All that has changed, however, as my wife and I have started a new chapter in our lives together.

She’s pregnant, a baby’s on the way.

So here’s this site, which I’m hoping might become a chronicle of my – our – experience being first time parents. And of course for our child, being a first-time baby.

I don’t imagine to make too many updates to the site before the actual birth, unless there’s major news to report. Ultrasound photos, a gender announcement, etc. After birth… er, that is, after THE birth, I’m going to endeavor to make regular updates and commentary, chronicling the whole experience.

To all our friends and family who are excited for us, thank you in advance.

To my wife, I love you.

To my kid… see you in September.